Carrie Has Drunk 900 Gallons of Her Own Urine

Meet Carrie. She’s a special kind of soul. One that could only best be spotlighted by the wonderful folks at TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

Part circus freak show, part medical examination, part absolute train wreck, MSA is like the new Hoarders in that it serves the purpose of making us all feel better about the weird shit we do in our own lives. Sure I decorate my apartment with corpses I dug up from the cemetery and dressed like dolls…. but at least I don’t drink my own urine from a neti pot in my bath tub.

Over the course of four years, Carrie has drunk over 900 gallons of her own urine. “I drink almost all the urine that comes out of my body…It tastes watery after four years… all day every day.”

Good to know!

For me personally, I think her friend's reaction says it all

For me personally, I think her friend’s reaction says it all

I wonder if she knows this guy…. Click the link below if the video doesn’t work.

(Source: TLC)

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