Worries Rise that ‘Emo’ Haircuts Can Cause Lazy Eye

Ophthalmologists and eye specialists are  coming out to rebuke claims by Australian Optometrists Association member Andrew Hogan that a popular hairstyle made famous by pop sensation Justin Bieber can cause amblyopia – the medical term for lazy eye.

Hogan told Australia’s Daily Telegraph the “emo” fringe can cause damage in the most vulnerable age for visual development – from birth to seven years – but research had shown vision could still be affected at later stages. So remember those eye patches some of the kids in grade school would have to wear to strengthen their eyes? Like that – except the opposite. Or something.

People are generally saying that Hogan doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that going out and getting a Rihanna haircut isn’t going to suddenly turn you into a pirate. So far, the only legitimate concern others are raising about the ‘fringe’ haircut are posture related. Hairdressers are saying that teens are being forced to constantly tilt their head to see out of that eye.

“I have to wonder how they don’t get a stiff neck,” Hairdresser Roseanne Anderson told the Daily Telegraph.

(Source:  One News)

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