UK Citizens Urged to Stop Drinking Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails

An 18-year old Heysham girl is in stable condition after having to have her stomach surgically removed after she ingested a “super chilled” nitro cocktail made with liquid nitrogen and Jagermeister.

Shortly after a night out with friends in Lancaster to celebrate her 18th birthday, the girl complained of stomach pains and shortness of breath. She was later admitted to the hospital she was diagnosed with a perforated stomach and had to undergo emergency surgery.

Oscar’s Wine Bar, the establishment that served the girl the dangerous drink is said to be cooperating fully with authorities and has halted all sales of the beverage. The ordeal has prompted the UK Food Standards Agency to issue a warning to consumers cautioning them against ingesting drinks made with the extremely low temperature liquid. But hey, I guess it beats drinking urine.

(Source: West Moreland Gazette)

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