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UK Citizens Urged to Stop Drinking Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails

An 18-year old Heysham girl is in stable condition after having to have her stomach surgically removed after she ingested a “super chilled” nitro cocktail made with liquid nitrogen and Jagermeister. Shortly after a night out with friends in Lancaster … Continue reading

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Worries Rise that ‘Emo’ Haircuts Can Cause Lazy Eye

Ophthalmologists and eye specialists are  coming out to rebuke claims by Australian Optometrists Association member Andrew Hogan that a popular hairstyle made famous by pop sensation Justin Bieber can cause amblyopia – the medical term for lazy eye. Hogan told … Continue reading

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Carrie Has Drunk 900 Gallons of Her Own Urine

Meet Carrie. She’s a special kind of soul. One that could only best be spotlighted by the wonderful folks at TLC’s My Strange Addiction. Part circus freak show, part medical examination, part absolute train wreck, MSA is like the new … Continue reading

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Fear of Exercise Convinces Kids to Put Down the Soda

A study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that teenagers in low income areas responded more to information about how much exercise it would take to burn off the calories from a sugary soda than … Continue reading

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Woman’s Uncontrollable Sex Drive Caused by Rabies

This is a story all about a 28-year-old woman in India who everyone just assumed was a nympho. But then she died. Turned out she had rabies. Complaining to doctors that she was constantly aroused, often with no stimulation, she … Continue reading

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Bacteria That Could Turn Urine Into Rocket Fuel

Scientists announced on Sunday that they had gained a new level of understanding about a bacterium called anammox which can turn the ammonia in urine into hydrazine, a rocket fuel. Researchers at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands announced that … Continue reading

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Scientists Attempt to Create Bullet-Proof Skin

Part-goat, part-spider, all bullet-proof! Could this be the new tagline for the humans of tomorrow? A scientist by the name of Jalila Essaidi hope so! Her project, “2.6g 329m/s,” named after the weight and bullet velocity a Type 1 bulletproof … Continue reading

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Scientist Uses $1.3M in Grant Money on Sex Change (and other Necessities)

54-year old scientist Daniel “D.B.” Karron and her firm Computer Aided Surgery Inc. were given a $1.3 million government grant from the Department of Commerce. The money was supposed to go towards developing medical technology for uses in radiation therapy, … Continue reading

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50 Vintage STD Propaganda Posters

Wartime propaganda of the ’30s and ’40s didn’t stop at the physical enemy on the other side of the trenches. Guilt and scare tactics were common in the battle against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases within the American public … Continue reading

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The Health Benefits of Bacon (Infographic)

Who says bacon can’t be good for you? If you dig through the facts hard enough and with an empty enough stomach, the delicious truth emerges… Click to see the full size version (it’s worth it!)

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