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Cancer Registrars

Cancer registrars’ fight against cancer is seemingly never ending, and recording and tracking progress in the development of treatments and procedures is an important part of fighting the disease. Cancer registrars are the segment of medical billers responsible for maintaining detailed cancer registries that keep track of cancer patient records, ensuring information related to cancers and other tumors is properly documented.

Cancer registrars use medical codes associated with both benign and malignant tumors, look for patterns in patient records, and engage in discussion and research surrounding cancers and other diseases.

In addition to tracking treatments, procedures and survival rates, cancer registrars keep track of data such as demographics, geographical locations and other statistics that can be used to determine high-risk populations. Cancer registrars also screen for potential candidates of experimental treatments and new programs.

Since cancer registry is an advanced specialty of medical billing and coding, specialists typically start with the same foundation of medical billing training as other medical billers and coders.